Thursday, February 20, 2014

Life in the fast lane

Life seems to keep going and not slowing down. At all. My baby is almost 1 and I'm sad at the thought of her being my last. I'm so grateful for the two blessings we were given. They both were completely wanted. I get teary eyed thinking of how many nights I prayed for these children. And now? I get teary eyed watching them grow into little people. They are amazing. 

Lately I've been feeling a sense of who am I? Where do I belong? I feel like I don't do anything anymore. No one is to blame but myself. I hate winter. Love snow but hate winter. I'm really depressed during the dark, cold days. And with Matt working like he does now, it doesn't help. 
I always have these faces to make me smile :) 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Single mom(kinda)

Honestly, I give props to single mothers. I knew it was hard, but Matt's new work schedule leaves me single parenting 4:7 days of the week, sometimes more. When I had just James, it was easy (his old job). With 2 young ones, this is extremely hard. He works either 730a-730p not getting home til 815 or 730p-730a leaving home at 615 and sleeping until 5. I cherish his days off. They are glorious, oh so glorious. Sometimes, I cook dinner and James and I eat before daddy gets home. Nights like tonight, I am giving James snacks. I'll cook around 730 and we will eat when daddy gets home. As long as he has snacks, I'm ok with that. Disney junior has became my friend. James loves mickey, and sadly, the shows catch Kelsey's attention too so I can do things. Well, there you have it. Two blogs in a row. Ha! 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where Have I been?

Wow. Apparently I do not do well with blogging. Originally, I created this blog with all intentions of keeping it updated. Obviously, that didn't happen. So if you do not have me on twitter or Facebook or know me in the real world, you probably have no clue what's been going on in our lives since the last post James was 7.5m. He will be two on the 30. Two. How is that even possible. Anywho, let's take a few steps backwards. 

When James was 9mo, we got the biggest surprise of our lives! We were expecting again. A completely natural pregnancy. Shocked and scared, we were thrilled to be welcoming another little one into our lives. We found out before Christmas of last year we were having a girl. We were ecstatic. 

The job situations straightened out but then went to crap. I think I'm finally in the perfect teaching position though! We bought a house before little girl was born too:) 

Let me introduce you to Kelsey Jessa :) 

She was born 6/10/13. She is 5 months old. I was going for a VBAC and thought I had the perfect OB for that. Luckily I ended up with a fantastic team. My water actually broke on it's on but 6 hours in still no dilation or contractions so I was induced. They did EVERY thing possible to get me going. I never went past a five. I labored for 54 hours and I was tired and finished. I was a five for a whole day. Nothing was happening. So I had a failed trial of labor but I at least got a chance. 

Life is rather chaotic around here now. But I enjoy very moment of it. I will try to check in more often but until next time I'll leave you with some super cute cuteness:) 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Mobile Baby!

SOOOO! We are 7.5 months into parenthood. Just when we think we have it all figured out..... the baby goes and gets mobile on us! He is crawling and pulling up on everything. Its a whole new set of freak outs for this mama. James is into everything. He is fearless and leaves me full of fear. Since his standing is not perfected, he falls quite a bit. Bumps to the head are the scariest, but I know I cant stop them all. Can I just wrap him up in bubble wrap????  

Over the past couple weeks, we were hit hard. Still unsure about my job situation, Matt got laid off. But thankfully, he got a job today!! We are thrilled and the hours are MUCH better than the ones he was working. Hopefully this works out for him! He is tired of let down! I am still interviewing and hope to know something about a job soon....

<3 Tiffany 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Vacation :)

Being a teacher has many perks. The best one: THREE WHOLE MONTHS OFF FOR SUMMER:) This year, I am enjoying it with my sweet boy James:) I can not believe he is already 6.5 months old. We have officially began teething, I think. And he is getting ready to crawl crawl. He is already army crawling and into EVERYTHING. What am I going to do when he is crawling? I have already started planning his first birthday, and it seems like yesterday he was just born. There really isnt much I can update on, so I dont want to just ramble about James, I know that is hurtful to some. I have new followers, so if you want to ask questions, please feel free :) I will close with a current picture of James :)
Isnt he gorgeous :) Those chunky cheeks!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

*Sucky Blogger*

I am sorry I suck at blogging:( i recently got a new job an actual teaching position!!! FINALLY after being certified for 2 years! I really do try to keep up but it is hard with work and my sweet boy! We are so busy! But I will try to update a little at least here and there and possibly do some actual posts. It'd help if I knew what people wanted to read.... Anywho.

James is 4 months old now! Can you believe it??! I can't. At his checkup he was 13 lb 13oz and 24 1/2 inches long! He's getting Sooo big too quick. He has been flipping front to back for a while now but last night he mastered back to front! Oh boy! When he learns to do it simultaneously we are in trouble! Here's my mini update! And I'll leave you with a picture:) him at 19w:)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

*~* 2 Months*~*

This post is a little late (by about 2 weeks) lol. I fell a little behind.

Let me start by saying that we got our first major ouchie... daddy clipped my thumb while trying to trim my nails! AHH! Mommy wasnt happy.

OK. So on 1/30/12 our sweet boy turned two months old! Time is going by so fast. I went back to work on 1.28 and that killed me emotionally. That is getting better now though. I rush home to get him everyday!!! We had shots at our 2 month check up, and I CRIED LIKE HE DID!! Sad, I know. But he weighed in at 11lb 10oz and was 22.5 inches long! Its amazing how big he is getting QUICK! We have outgrown newborn clothes and are almost out of size 1 diapers, which means we will soon be using cloth!! At two months... this is what James now looks like ;)