Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Single mom(kinda)

Honestly, I give props to single mothers. I knew it was hard, but Matt's new work schedule leaves me single parenting 4:7 days of the week, sometimes more. When I had just James, it was easy (his old job). With 2 young ones, this is extremely hard. He works either 730a-730p not getting home til 815 or 730p-730a leaving home at 615 and sleeping until 5. I cherish his days off. They are glorious, oh so glorious. Sometimes, I cook dinner and James and I eat before daddy gets home. Nights like tonight, I am giving James snacks. I'll cook around 730 and we will eat when daddy gets home. As long as he has snacks, I'm ok with that. Disney junior has became my friend. James loves mickey, and sadly, the shows catch Kelsey's attention too so I can do things. Well, there you have it. Two blogs in a row. Ha! 


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