Saturday, January 7, 2012

*Birth Story*

On November 28, 2011, I was going to MFM for my *LAST* ultrasound. I was 38w1d. I had been being monitored because of my blood pressure issues (it was not pre eclampsia, I was tested twice and again the day this day too). That weekend, I had been feeling bad, as in sick, with headaches and getting sick. My blood pressure was 151/100. Instead of insisting bed rest, or even monitoring me in the hospital, they filled me with all these what if fears and insisted induction. I had my last meal at 515 pm on Monday (I did not get to eat again until Wednesday at 7pm). At 6pm they inserted Cervidel. I instantly started feeling contractions. Here we go; or so I thought. They came in on Tuesday Nov. 29 at 6am and removed the cervidel. I was dilated to a 1. I was allowed to shower and walk around for about an hour and a half. At about 9am, they started me on Magnesium (for the bp stuff) and pitocin. Bc of the Magnesium, I was not allowed to walk around which SUCKED! I was bed confined until Thursday (had magnesium until then). At 4pm my doctor came in to break my water. Only it wasnt that easy. Because of James' position, they could not get to my bag. I was in excruciating pain. Have in mind, we were shooting for a natural birth. About 5pm, they tried again. No luck. I was offered an epidural (only bc they could not break my water, contraction wise, I was great). Matt and I discussed it bc it was not what we wanted. He cried more than I did, but we did it. And my water was broke. They continued to monitor me all night. After about 36ish hours of being in the hospital and in labor, I only got to 3 cm. It was Wednesday morning at 730 when i was told I would need a csection. I was crying, matt was crying. But at this point, I felt helpless and like a failure. So, they prepped me for the csection. The meds made me soooo sick. I was sick. Sick. My BFF Courtney and my Mama handled that part well. About 945am  I was being wheeled back to get  on the table. Matt was brough in about 10 am and they got started. At 1012 am on November 30, 2011, we welcomed a 6lb12oz 19 3/4 in long baby boy into the world. Isnt he cute??
After he was born, they took him to NICU because of his breathing. Once again, Daddy said he cried (at this point I was out of it). Right after I heard his cry, I started feeling pain from them in finishing up. Not the normal push and pressure of a csection, but actual pain. So they were giving me meds. James was gone approximately 20 minutes and was brough back right as they were finishing up. Bc of his NICU visit, I didnt get the classic Csect picture (sad I know). But Matt carried his baby to recovery. I remember hearing him talking to James and was in awe of how a switch changed him. In recovery, I was so loopy. Matt helped me hold my sweet boy and family and friends were in and out to see me. One at a time. Then we got a room, FINALLY so they took James to clean him and put us in our room. I was so thankful for my little miracle. When he was brought to me, I was coherent and I cried. Cried like a baby. This was the moment I had been waiting on for many many years, months, weeks, hours, minutes. He was here. He was mine. And NOONE could take him away from me! So here is James' birth story. :)

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