Sunday, January 8, 2012

*First Month*

We left the hospital after James was only 2 days old! That's right! We left on Friday, December 2, 2011 to come home and start our life. The first couple weeks, mama was a mess. I had bad baby blues. A lot of it was because I was stuck (had driving restrictions due to csection), Matt works 2nd so I was alone with James at night (being alone with him wasnt the issue, being in the middle of BFE and it dark made me lonely) so a lot of tears were shed. We had many visitors. I say we, but lets face it, I mean James. He is the star of this show now, not me. Anyway, eventually, I adjusted to the no sleep routine. Since we are breastfeeding, it was a lot harder because Matt and I couldn't "take turns" getting up at night. When James was one week old, we made our first visit to the pediatrician. Everything checked out great. Since we were out (and there was NO food in our house) we stopped in at Firehouse to eat. That went smoothly. The next day, I had my staples removed.

As time went on, things got easier, I was definitely adjusting to the mom role. I have that "paranoid new mom syndrome". I swear if it could be wrong, it was. Dr. Google was not  (and still is not) my friend. At his one month check up he was 9lbs, 21 inches long. Still a healthy booger! Fat, but healthy :) The one month check up was simple. Its the 2 month one that has me frazzled. That is the shot visit :( At one month this is what Mr. J looked like:
He was curled up with Daddy before his doctors visit.

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