Sunday, January 15, 2012

*~*What A Day!*~*

Today started out GREAT! We spent time together playing with Mr. James and cuddling in the bed. Then we got ready and ventured out to Target. James attended his first birthday party today, too. The day was going GREAT!! We had a successful ALL day outing. We try to limit outings to 3-4 hours because of feedings and not because I care about public feeding, I just find it easier for both of us when we are in our comfort zone- dont get me wrong, little piggy will eat ANYWHERE;)  Then, we went to dinner with J's godparents. This is where things got messy. Mama bear came out, and so did the cops. We went to a new restaurant to try it out. We started fixing our food (it was a hibachi grill/chinese buffet). We went to sit down and the waitress FINALLY brought our drinks. dun-dun-dun. She obviously could not handle tha many drinks. My iphone was on the table (lesson learned). A WHOLE cup of coke went flying all over the table, covering my phone. James and I got soaked with coke too. Iwasnt happy. First you wet my CHILD! My six week old baby. While I was making sure he was ok, my husband was trying to fix my phone. The waitress and her boss were TAKING the phone from him to fix it. AHH! A whole ordeal developed. My speaker is now busted yet I have to go get "proof" of liquid damage before they will replace it. And YES they ARE going to. Anywho. None of us ate- therefore were not going to pay. J's godmother was taking pics for evidence we were there (just incase they refuse to pay tomorrow). We all started to leave and then the ladies were yelling at her for taking pictures and us not paying. They called the cops- uhm, dumb. The cop did NOTHING and told them there was nothing they could do. It was a civil issue. So we didnt pay,and I have to deal with a busted phone until tomorrw. So what started as a successful outing day ended in me in tears and us with no dinner..... phew. Now its bed time!!

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