Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First **FAMILY** Christmas

For the past few years, something has been missing on holidays. I spent my Christmas' sad while watching the other parents in my family (and two of those were teen parents) with their children opening gifts and ultimately being happy. I couldn't help but wonder why I was not able to feel that kind of joy. Christmas of 2009 was my LAST Christmas of tears. Christmas of 2010- I cried. But not the same crying I had felt years before. I was happy. REALLY happy:) Now, for a 3 week old, some think we may have went overboard, but it was James' first Christmas and whether he remembered or not, I would. He had presents from mommy and daddy AND Santa on Christmas morning. Grandparents, aunts, and uncles all had gifts for him too. I was overwhelmed. There was so much love and happiness that it was almost overload. Our Christmas journey started at 2pm on Christmas Eve.  Our first stop was his paternal grandmother's family. Since the birth of J, my mother in law has found a "love" for me, but it is only because of James. Anywho. He received a book ( I LOOOOOVE books for him), a giant stuffed bear, some clothes, a gift card, diapers, a big box of Baby Einstein toys,and a stuffed frog. After we left, we went to my family gathering at 6. I have a huge family. My family was also really supportive during my infertility journey. My mom and step dad were extremely excited and they SPOILED James for Christmas ( I can only imagine how its gonna be next year when he can enjoy it more.... theyve already started buying!). From here, James got so much stuff. My sister got him another box of the Baby Einstein toys, books, and a  Family's First Christmas ornament. My mom got him....... books, clothes, blocks, a big stuffed dog, a ring stack toy, bath tub toys, and oh my I can not even remember it all (there will be a picture). After we left here, we went home to get James ready for bed so that Santa would come visit :) This was fun! I put him in his pajamas, read him The Night Before Christmas, and we sang a few Christmas songs. Once he was asleep, Matt and I sat out "Santa" and went to sleep ourselves. James woke us up (after all the nightly wakes) at 730. Being a newborn, of course I nursed him before we celebrated. First, we gave him Santa. Then we opened all of our stuff. From Santa- He got carseat toys, a book, a sock monkey, an ornament, and a glow seahorse. From us, he got a tummy time play mat, clothes, soft books, and toys. Around lunch time, we went to his paternal grandfather's family gathering. Here he got a mobile and clothes!

Overall, we had an awesome first Christmas. I can NOT wait for the ones to come, thats for sure. Though James will not remember this, we have the stories and pictures for him when he is older.

Here is all of his loot (minus some clothes and toys that had already been put away...oops)

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